The goal of vacation rental owners is to spend less time on routine work, but to focus more on tasks that can actually result in more customers, thus profit! AirHost Vacation Rental Software makes that owner’s dream come true with these special features.
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Room Utilization

It allows you to inspect listings with potential so that you can decide which listings to increase/alter prices where possible. It’s a powerful tool to gain leverage for owners who want to take their vacation rental business to the next level!!

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Income Report

If you plug in necessary information correctly, everything is automatic! It produces intuitive monthly report and exhibits analytics over time so that you can get accurate indication of expenditure and recovery for each month and over time. As well as overall listing expenditure and recovery, you can get a detailed individual listing report.

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Vacancy Search

It is particularly useful for a company that deals with hundreds of listings. This is because AirHost Vacation Rental Software manages everything in one place, thus find the most appropriate vacancy in the area quickly!

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Automated Room
Price Discount

This advanced analytic tool is especially effective in 2 different ways. First, it helps SEO on Airbnb. By daily discount being applied, it helps with listing search on Airbnb, allowing your listing to appear more, greater exposure to customers who are looking for a place to stay in the area. Second, the discount changes over time automatically by how close to the date of the vacancy of the listing, thus owners can sit back, let the system handle the discount automatically.

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Double Booking Management

If unexpected double booking takes place, AirHost Vacation Rental Software takes care of the double booking mishaps effectively. The system quickly detects and effectively resolve the issue till the end. It looks for other accommodations in the close proximity.

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With AirHost Vacation Rental Software, it makes everything easy, especially for those who own multiple listings. It is because everything is automated thus as long as necessary information is correctly plugged in, you do not need to worry about time demanding finance related tasks at the last minutes. Of course, if necessary you can adjust manually as well. This also allows effective means for reimbursement for cleaners for your listings.