Let's make maximum profit with AirHost's channel manager!

The most important thing of everyone's owner is how to raise income. For that reason, the key to the success of the private business is to post your property on more OTA, and to reach out to the interests of many customers and lead to profits. AirHost targets people searching for accommodation on the net and is connected with multiple reservation service sites, Airbnb, Booking.com and Expedia. By placing the property on multiple reserved night reservation service sites, it will become possible for a wider range of users to come into view and acquire even more users. Why is AirHost, AirHost is the same for both one night reservation service site and five reserved nightly reservation service sites, no additional fee will be incurred! There is nothing to lose, there is no hand to use AirHost channel manager I guess.
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One-way reservation management

Because AirHost vacation rental software centrally manages all different residential reservation service sites in one place, it is a more convenient system for owners! AirHost makes it easy to grasp how each property gains profit for each service site You can do things. Price information management such as how much price is raised and lowered can be adjusted for each residential reservation service site as detailed information can be obtained for each property and for each site. The AirHost channel manager shows property information in chart form, so owners can easily see the property information.

By using AirHost vacation rental software you will be connected to multiple reserved hotel reservation service sites so that it will be more advantageous for your property! As many customers visit from different residential reservation service sites, it will be profitable. In this way AirHost warrants that it covers a broad range of travelers looking for accommodation.

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Perfect price control

Synchronize prices in the availability or provide discounts or AirHost vacation rental software will answer all of your customers needs! AirHost can also price increase by channel as a percentage unit Different prices can be set.

Everything is centrally managed in one place, so you can easily control prices and you can set different prices and discounts for each site even in the same property. Once changed on this site, changes will automatically be reflected on individual nightly reservation service sites as well, if you set a discount that changes according to availability, it will also lead to Airbnb SEO measures.

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Prevent errors and save time

With AirHost, login and logout which we have done for each site so far are unnecessary! Price control, blocking schedule of reservation, etc. can all be done on this site. The AirHost channel manager's automatic tool will change on this site once it changes on price and schedule information so that changes will be reflected in all the nightly reservation service sites.

Mistakes are likely to occur in price management and schedule information management on individual sites, and there is also the possibility that it will lead to something that double-booking or providing rooms to guests at wrong prices. But if you use AirHost it's okay! Because everything can be done on this site we will prevent errors and save time.

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Please leave everything from Airbnb to Booking.com!

Since AirHost vacation rental software supports various reserved night reservation service sites, we will find out the maximum possibilities for the owner's property. Currently AirHost has partnership with the following OTA, online travel agency.

Agoda, Airbnb, AsiaYo, Booking.com, Expedia, FlipKey, Tujia, & Zizaike

As you can see, AirHost is focusing on the Asian market. It is a service that you can confidently recommend to every owner who is turning over the private business in Asia. And since we plan to handle more OTA in the future, we will be able to offer big opportunities to our owners. If someone is worried about how to add a reserved nightly reservation service site, it will be okay! AirHost will change you and we will set you so let us relax and leave it to us.