Have you ever felt overwhelmed by managing not only your listings, but also your cleaning crew? If you ever felt that way, no prob! AirHost Vacation Rental Software allows managing of your cleaning crew easy. Once the initial setup is done, there is not much more you have to do, but everything is automatic!
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Everything is automatic! If you plug in necessary information correctly, everything you need for managing cleaning becomes so easy. New reservation, cancellation, and any other changes, including the last minutes cancellations, are automatically notified to your cleaning crew.

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Flexible management of cleaning staff

Cleaning companies and staffs are automated once you assign to the specific listings. You can also manually assign cleaning companies/staffs for any listing when necessary.

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Tailor Made Message Templates

AirHost Vacation Rental Software provides message template and memo system, allowing easy communication with your cleaning crew to provide more effective means of communication from notifying a new reservation to the last minutes cancellation. These message templates are “Tailor Made Message Templates,” thus you can customize the templates to fit the individual needs of the owners and their cleaning crew. Because they are tailor made, you can tailor the content that are particularly useful to you. Similarly, you can set up a tailored memo for the cleaning crew so that the entire team is aware of your cleaning rules and guidelines, as well as expectations that you set on your own.

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Settings for cleaning management

How to manage cleaning schedule and staff is simple using AirHost Vacation Rental Software. You can find the settings all in one place where you can decide which automated features to turn on or off yourself. The control is yours! For example, this is where you can turn on or off such features like notifying your admin when a new task has not assigned and also notifying a task to your cleaning crew.

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Customized configurations“iCal Calendar & Centralized Reservation Calendar”

Having a useful iCal calendar provides a system, which allows owners to manage cleaning easily. Hence, if you use multi-channels like Airbnb, Agoda, and, everything is found in one place under the centralized reservation calendar that it makes management of your entire listings effortless. This system also provides easy communication with the cleaning crew.

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Option to check cleaning conditions yourself

You can check the status of cleaning when necessary. If there is a same day cleaning required, it is marked with a star to differentiate from the rest.

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Cleaning Manual & Checklist

In order to set the standard of cleaning, you can create a cleaning manual and a checklist so that a new cleaning crew joins the cleaning team, the standard is kept the same. It ensures the quality of cleaning from the cleaning crew at any time.

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Invoices and payment stubs

It makes payment to your cleaning crew easy! If you plug in necessary information correctly at the initial setup, everything is automated and thus it automatically creates financial reports, which allows easy invoice and payment stub creation for busy owners. Anybody can use AirHost Vacation Rental Software at ease!